Welcome (again)


Well seeing as WordPress has deemed to not publish my first post then I will try again. (and I will delete this one if the post decides to appear).

I am JC Belmont (yes, it is not lost on me the fact that my initials are JCB), I am 28 years old and I write. I have spent the better part of my life dawdling about and not really knowing what I wanted to do (‘But writing is not a career, choose something sensible’) but I do want to be a writer. I have always loved and enjoyed to write and also to read. I love books, I enjoy authors.

I have finally dragged myself into the 21st Century and signed up for this wonderful blog and a Twitter account so that I have some form of outlet for my passion. Obviously, the dream would be to become a world famous author and have millions of people read anything that I wrote but, right now, I just enjoy to write and to research new ideas and watch them blossom before my very pen.

I am JC Belmont, welcome to my world and remind me to show you around sometime.


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