Pro’s and con’s of todays’ single life…


….including, probably, too many grammatical errors. I apologise for this but, as is the main theme of this post, my head is slightly cloudy from a sudden but inevitable illness.

Today was going swimingly – it was in the pro section of single life. I got up, I ate breakfast and left the pots on the side. Being single means no one to moan about the pots being left on the side and I knew I would do them later when a) I had more time after the pays-the-bills job and b) I had a more worthwhile pile of pots to wash.

I left my place without having to wait for or rely on anyone else and got myself to work an impressive 20 minutes early. Enough time to eat some of my sandwich (bought on the way) and drink some water (got to keep hydrated).

Shift at work went fast, one of the better days, and ate the second half of my sandwich on the way home.

Sorry about how boring this post is becoming but the action hots up soon and there is somewhat of a point.

Get myself back home, play on xbox, cook some food (on the pro side as only cooking for one means less cooking and less pots).

Then comes the downside to living a spinster lifestyle – illness (and almost tragedy) struck!

Being uncomfortable hit me first so I got up to get changed into some comfy pj’s. Didn’t make it past the bathroom and I got to see what that sandwich looked like after a few hours of bein churned around and mixed with dinner (apologies for the graphic but you guys are getting off lightly compared to my night so far).

The downside being that whatever seems to have hit my body tonight I get to suffer without anyone around for comfort and I still have no choice but to do everything for myself. Getting a bottle of water from the kitchen became an Olympian feat while shaking and weak.

On the plus side there was no one complaining about me hogging the bathroom and no one to see the crazed look on my face in the aftermath. And also no one around to see a pasty skinned, grey eyed me sprawled across my bed in my over sized, unflattering pjs.

Again, apologies if my grammar is all over the place but my head is still a little cotton wool filled. And apologies for the graphics involved but I needed somewhere to vent to make me feel a little better, almost like telling a stranger your problems. Needless to say the pots didn’t done, neither the writing or baking I was planning on doing as well. I will just have to catch up tomorrow.


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