I signed up for the monthly challenge, which is to write a blog a day. They do also have a theme, scandalous, but I can’t think of much to write on the subject. Today’s blog will be a more random post.

Firstly, after I had already mailed the present and card and while I was just about to fall asleep, a few lines popped into my head along the Mother’s Day theme:

The day I was born

I caused you pain, you only showed me love

Whenever I am ill

I caused you pain, you only showed me love

First time my heart was broken

I caused you pain, you only showed me love

Living so far apart

It causes you pain and you only ever show me love


It can do with a little refinement but that is the raw text that popped into my head this weekend.

Living away from parents and living alone can sometimes be tough but modern technologies make it a lot easier. We have Skype, the telephone and every now and again we surprise each other with a letter and pictures. Plus trains and buses make it a lot easier to get home for a visit when needed.

I have a lot of tasks I have been meaning to do recently but have ended up being put off due to excuse after excuse so today I am going to try one of the following things (amongst the daily tasks of pot washing etc):

Bake buns, a cake or cookies

Research something to do with writing

Make something creative

Cook something different for dinner

So there’s only four choices so it shouldn’t be too hard to do one of them. I will take a photo of the baking if it happens, the others may not make great pictures.

So that is me for today, I will try and catch up tomorrow and give an update on what ends up getting done and if anything exciting happens.

Goodbye for now


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