Musings, Fringe and yearnings


Well it seems I can’t stick to a challenge very well. The daily posting for April disappeared some time ago. It is not like I haven’t wanted to write anything, it is simply life got in the way.

I live on my own, I work anything upto full time hours (sometimes more), I have some inkling of a social life. I know there are bloggers out there with five kids, two jobs, yoga etc and still find time to blog everyday but I am not a superwoman. I am simply JC and I have limits on how much I can get done in one day.

Ok so ‘poor me’ moment over with. I have been busy in the background though. I have been writing some character bio’s for possible projects, researching a few bits and bobs, reading about new things and reading for leisure as well.

I am currently reading one of Stephen Fry’s many autobiography books and it has made me want to do many things including rekindling my urge for one day actually going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The chance this year is slim as all my funds have been going into rent, bills and food with not much leftover for anything fun. However, with the extra hours being worked recently there may be something that looks like savings in my bank account soon. I could combine a few days at Fringe with that being my holiday for the year.

In other news, the geek in me has once again been awakened by the arrival of Game of Thrones new season, this means I am unable to be contacted at all on a Monday while I watch it and then spend the rest of the letting all the horror of what just happened sink in.

I will try to not let as much time pass before I blog again and I will try and have something representing written work to show you soon.