All the time in the world (and all the ideas)


As seems to be typical for a day in my life, I have nothing time restricted that I need to do until 3pm so I have all sorts of ideas swirling through my head to write about but as soon as I attempt to put pen to paper I can’t even think where to start.

Ideas that are swirling around:

Something World War based to commemorate the 100 year anniversary (which will be long gone before I start it)

A fantasy series

A Steampunk fantasy epic

An ode to chips (I love chips)

Something from the perspective of a cat (possibly a wild one)

A couple of children’s books

Ok, so one of the children’s books is nearly finished but just needs a touch of refining and a reliable artist to work with, but the others are just ideas and I am stumped on where to start with them. This normally isn’t a problem for me but I can’t even think of character names or traits for anyone I would want to put into them (apart from the ode to chips as, well, it’s just about chips). Maybe I am mentally stretching too much. Maybe I just need to dig out my reliable notebook and scribble it all in there and file it away until some kind of lightening strikes me.